Steven Borges – MAN OF THE YEAR

Steven Borges was born June 28, 1955 in New Bedford, Massachusetts to Rita Borges DeCastro and Umberto Borges.  Steven attended Dartmouth High School in his teenage years.  Even though complications from his disability prevented him from completing high school, he has recently been considering acquiring his GED in the future.  Steven was under his mother’s care until 2013.  During the time he spent with his family he made several trips to California to visit relatives and sightsee.  He now resides in a residential setting independently with a roommate and care provided by M.O.L.I.F.E.

Steven has made great accomplishments in his life and does not let his disability prevent him from experiencing great adventures.  He is a member of the Special Olympics where he competitively bowls as well as participating in bowling activities during his day program.  Steven has ventured to Washington, DC to tour our Nations Capital; Canada to see Niagara Falls; Six Flags to ride roller coasters; and went on a cruise to the Bahamas where he swam with dolphins and even snagged a kiss from one!  He also danced the night away with all the beautiful ladies while on the cruise.  He just recently went on a skiing excursion in New Hampshire at a ski resort which has specially designed skis to create a safe and fun experience for individuals with disabilities. Steven also enjoys attending “Friends Group” events around the area such as dinners at various restaurants, Providence Bruins games, Paw Sox games, and of course wrestling events.  Steven LOVES wrestling!  He recently attended WWE Raw in Providence and is planning to attend another professional WWE event in the near future.  Steven plans on continuing his adventures near and far without anything getting in his way of accomplishing these feats!