Congratulations to our President Charles K. Murphy, Sr. on receiving his license in Mental Health Counseling!

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M.O., L.I.F.E., Murphy and Others Living Interdependently for Future Endeavors, is pleased to announce the launch of our newly updated not-for-profit Web site. We enlisted the services of Sparling Business Development for this redesign.

“The key to this redesign was to provide M.O., L.I.F.E., a more contemporary look and user friendly interface. We chose to not make wholesale changes, but thoughtfully maintained the same message and intent of the initial website while accomplishing the goal of a new look and ease of use.” said Jay Sparling, owner of Sparling Business Development.

About M.O., L.I.F.E., Inc.

M.O., L.I.F.E., Murphy and Others Living Interdependently for Future Endeavors, was established in 1994 and officially incorporated on June 15, 1995 as a private, non-profit, 501 C 3 organization. We are a deliberately small, inclusive, non-site based organization. We are dedicated to the individuals with developmental disabilities we support and committed to enhancing their lives in the areas of career development, housing and community inclusion. The new Web site is still located at

About Sparling Business Development

The Mission of Sparling Business Development is to provide affordable mechanisms to grow and develop businesses and organizations. We believe it is important to understand our clients’ goals, ambitions, beliefs and wishes first, and to then incorporate their uniqueness into compelling and meaningful messages. The driving force behind the integrity, honesty and care we bring to this industry can be summed up simply, we grow and prosper only if our valued clients grow and prosper. Learn more at